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    Blackvoxel Adventure (full version)

    Blackvoxel game is a Free Software under the GNU GPL V3+ licence.

    Blackvoxel developpement with it's very own game engine took years of work and optimisation. And as everyone knows, Free Software developpers also have to pay their food and bills.

    Blackvoxel Binary Executables are proposed in exchange of payment (read FSF statement about paying to get free software).

    If you already have paid to get access to executables, go to the Download Manager to get access to files.

    Raspberry PI 2/3 - Raspbian
    32 bits            Buy Blackvoxel Adventure    

    PC / Debian 9.x Stretch
    64 bits
    PC Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Xenial Xerus 64 bits
    PC Ubuntu 18.04 LTS 64 bits
    Windows 10 All

    Report all problems, bugs and errors in the troubleshooting section in the forum

    Blackvoxel School Mode

    Blackvoxel School Mode is a "serious" version for teaching programming in schools. No Adventure Mode and only blue grid universe in order to help focusing attention to programming experimentations.

    Raspbian "Jessie" 32 bits blackvoxel_school_2.41_armhf.deb
    PC Ubuntu 18.04 LTS 64 bits blackvoxel_school_2.41_amd64.deb
    Windows 10 all
    Scratch Extension all

    Source Code

    Blackvoxel is Free Software (GPL V3+, Code and Assets). The source code can be downloaded Freely.

    Source Code (GitHub) all
    Source Code (Zip Format) all
    Source Code (tar.bz2 Format) all blackvoxel_source_2_41.tar.bz2

    Don't forget before playing...

    Read our Optimization Guide to get optimal gaming experience, texture look and running smoothness.

    The Blue Grid isn't the only universe in Blackvoxel Adventure Mode. It takes only one minute of walking in any direction to get out of it.

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